Sunday 2 September 2018


One of our favourite places is the beach. I have loved the sand and the sea for as long as I can remember and the girls have definitely followed in my foot steps.

We spend most of the summer holidays in Great Yarmouth at my parent’s  house . It’s perfect for a cheap getaway and the girls love the beach and the amusement parks. We love making memories there .

One thing I always do is purchase a few beach essentials . The obvious for the kiddies - swimsuits , bucket and spades , hats and plenty of sun cream. I can’t believe how warm it has been this year , we are definitely  having the best summer weather aren’t we!

When it comes to buying stuff for myself , I rarely do. I don’t know if it is just a parent thing, but I always think I could spend the money on something else or something for the girls, but recently I have lost 2 stone and back to my pre baby weight and wanted to treat myself.

I normally stick a vest top on and some baggy shorts when we go to the beach but I wanted to feel a little bit more pretty you know?. I’ve ordered from simply beach before so I knew they’d have something that would catch my eye.

I haven’t got any beach wear  and found the perfect designer dress for the summer. It’s an over sized fit.  I love how it drapes off the shoulder, almost super casual but really girly :)

I will also admit I don’t own a hat- and last year I got sun burnt on my forehead and I can tell you , it blinking hurt!. I wanted a hat that didn’t make me look like a child but also something I felt comfortable in wearing. 

I LOVE this hat. I will be honest, when I took it out of the box I was a little sceptical ,but once trying it on I fell in love . It’s gorgeous and goes with pretty much everything I have worn over the summer.

Have you treated yourself this summer? Or in need off some new swim gear ?The  Freya swimwear collection is gorgeous and there is loads to choose from :)

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