How many times have you heard your child say they are bored? I am sure we can all agree that we have heard it many of times, along with I’m hungry, I’m thirsty . 69% of us parents dread them words.if you have kiddies then you know the drill :)

Would you believe me if I told you on average our children say I’m bored 1,500 times a year? that is crazy!. Alessia has even said to me she is bored whilst eating her breakfast in the morning.

I have teamed up with Bic, following their Young Artist Award project,to reassure you that being bored is a good thing. Expert Dr Martin Stephen suggests that boredom is good for creativity in children.

We automatically think there is a problem when the little ones are bored and studies show that  31% of us are admitting to grabbing an electronics device to fill that boredom- I will admit that I am guilty of doing that sometimes!

It is perfectly healthy to have screen time  but I think there has to be balance , with only 3 hours a day away from the electronics devices, I think we have forgotten about the more traditional ways of entertainment.

Some of our favourite are bored games, jigsaws - I must admit this can get quite hostile if we can’t find a piece :) . Reading - all of my children are avid book worms , they take after me , we love reading. Getting our boots on and going for a walk. We live by some lovely trails and the girls either get their scooters or we go hunting for certain items. This time of year is great for crisp leafs and conkers!

The girls favourite thing to do is Story writing.

Alessia is a fantastic story writer and I find if I take the electronics off her and tell her to go and play, I will find her in her room writing a story. She writes the most incredible and detailed stories , you would never believe they have be written by a 9 year old. Her imagination is incredible!

She also recently won a cinema voucher for a drawing she did on what she thought houses would look like in the future . She was so chuffed with winning and we are looking forward to a treat night at the cinema this weekend.

It can be a challenge sometimes to find a happy medium when the kiddies are bored and go for what you have always done and what is the norm these days, but it is all about finding that balance and making it fun along the way.

.Rebecca Huda, BIC® UK & Ireland’s Product Manager says 

It’s challenging to consider boredom as a positive thing, but I think we’re all aware that taking a bit of time away from the constant noise and activity, has a positive effect. It’s good to be able to let the mind wander and through our competition we’ve seen that kids in the UK have amazing imaginations.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this topic and how you find the dreaded boredom cries. If you have any boredom busters to share that would be great! :)

- Research conducted as part of the BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award


  1. My daughter is three years old and I don't get 'I'm bored' too much, but what we do get is 'are we nearly there yet?' as soon as we leave to go anywhere! I agree though that boredom is good sometimes, that's when you get the creative imagination of children :)

  2. Well done to Alessia on her cinema voucher. I think we all adults and children need to develop an inner life and not expect to be constantly stimulated. I certainly need space to think.

  3. I don't get it yet as my children are 4 & 5 and happily play together, I used to get it all the time off my eldest though. x

  4. I love this and totally agree. I will always allow my children to be bored and to find ways to create their own fun too. It's good for their imaginations!

  5. My children never say they are bored - for one good reason. In the past, when they said it, I always replied with "really? I don't have time to be bored cleaning up after you both. Tell you what, as you're bored, go tidy your room and help mum out". Have never heard it since ...

  6. This is such a good post, I bet parents hear this all the time! I often say it a lot as an adult, I'm not bored really, just don't want to do the boring adult chores!

  7. Mine forever moan they are bored even when they have a room full of toys. Luckily they normally end up building a den or reading


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