Thursday 8 November 2018


Whether it’s a long weekend or a lengthy escape, planning a trip is all part of the fun. And it does take some planning, no matter how much we’d like to think it was spur of the moment adventure.

When you lock the door behind you, leave niggling doubts about home security or forgotten items behind with these three tips:


Never doubt the power of a good list. You could make broad strokes, such as listing people you need to pack for and making arrangements for pets, or go into more detail by listing individual items to pack. Lists can save you hours of time because you won’t be repeating tasks already done.

If you always have nagging doubts about little things, such as if you turned all the lights off, then a really helpful list to make is one that details things to check just before you leave the house. 


See your suitcase as your portable storage unit.Organising your packing so you can easily get to things without rummaging through everything is something of an art. These tips will help:

● Start early so you have time to experiment and change your mind about things. If space is an issue, try rolling clothes rather than folding them. Match up items to take with the activities you’ll use them for. When you’ve made a list of things you’ll do and places you’ll visit, you easily visualize what you’ll need for each day.  
● Shoes take up lots of space so only take those you’re sure you’ll wear.  If you’re the type of person who likes a different pair of shoes for every outfit, narrowing your choice can be a challenge. It’s another reason to start early and give yourself plenty of time to weigh up your options.
● Keep cables for phones and other gadgets in plastic bags. The ones with zips are handy as they stay closed. Not only are cables easy to find, they won’t get tangled in your clothes. Carry some small sandwich bags with you as these are useful for holding keys or keeping entrance tickets or other important small items together.


At the same time as arranging your holiday itinerary and sorting out your packing, you need to make sure everything at home is safe and sound . 

In addition to getting one of these home alarm systems UK installed, you might also want to do the following so you can away and be confident that your home will be exactly as you left it.

● Consider renting a self storage unit to securely lock away your most valuable possessions. Valuable doesn’t only mean things that cost a lot. It also means things with a sentimental value it would break your heart to lose.Many storage facilities near you have locker sized spaces so don’t automatically think they’re only for furniture storage.
● Make sure your home insurance covers possessions while your house stands empty. This could be a priority if you plan on being away for an extended period. Whether your insurance covers you or not, the thought of losing something precious may be another reason to think about self storage.
● Let neighbours or friends know you’re going away and what date you expect to be back. Ask them to keep an eye on your home and let them know you haven’t given anyone permission to go in.

You’ll get the most out of any trip when you know that everything at home is safe and sound and you haven’t forgotten important details. It takes a little bit of forward planning but it frees your mind to enjoy the fun times ahead.

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