Saturday 24 November 2018


One toy I have got to say Nila has absolutely loved from the get go is the Sophie la girafe. It has definitely been her most favourite and used toy , and she still loves her now!.

Sophie is actually a teething toy, suitable from birth. She was born in France in 1961, and is a classic tether which stimulates little ones senses whilst soothing them too!

She is extremely lightweight and great for little hands to hold. She is made from 100% natural rubber and painted with non toxic food grade paints, so won’t cause any harm to your little munchkins.

I must say , Nila is now 16 months old and her little Sophie is still in perfect condition, with no paint wear whatsoever and she has knawed the life out of poor Sophie on occasions! :)

Sophie’s bumpy head helps soothe them sore teething gums, and her flexible and soft body helps baby manipulate Sophie into many positions in order to reach them poorly areas that need soothing .

Sophie has the cutest squeak and laughs when her body is squeezed. When Nila first learnt how to get Sophie squeaking on her own , she was so proud , and ever since, has not stopped doing it - the joys! :)

We have a spare Brand new Sophie, that I got for the ‘just incase’ Moment. You know when you lose that dummy or when you can’t find the teddy comforter , yep them moments. I thought if we lost Sophie , we had a back up !

Luckily we have never needed it and I wanted to give you lovely lot the chance to win your very own brand new Sophie :) She would make the perfect little Christmas present for your little ones

All you have to do is click below and follow the requirements to enter and I hope your munchkin loves her as much as mine munchkin does xx

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