Thursday 22 November 2018


For all you book lovers out there , and I know there are a few of you :), whether your a reader or a crafter or love puzzles!, I have  put together some of lovely book recommendations that would make perfect gifts this year for Christmas for all the family .

One thing my girls love to collect is empty toilet roll holders and egg boxes . They make perfect craft bits and you haven’t spent a penny! The I’m not a series Recycling project books are the Perfect gift set for any little crafter in the family .If you have odd soaks , egg boxes , toilet roll holders and cereal
Boxes in your house then these are definitely the books for you!

One thing we love to do this time of year is make snowflakes . After Christmas we seem to get so much snow in Staffordshire and I thought this make it snowflake craft book would be the perfect gift for the festive season.

The simple idea of a snowflake hasn’t been harnessed to create 15 original designs that incorporate the pattern of a snowflake. From cards and tags and even gift wraps to more difficult and delicate patterns . Each project has a step by step guide to help you through it so your not alone :) . I think this crafts book will be a big hit for Christmas .

Unlock your imagination  is the ultimate boredom buster book. Packed with fun facts and rainy day activities and in the go entertainment . From making slime to building their own crazy golf course . There is no end to how many projects your little ones can enjoy with this book.

It also comes with a free double-sided board, counters and a press out dice that can be used to play chess, straights and snakes !

Any Road Dahl fans will love The gloriumptious worlds of Road Dahl. This book brings together his wondrous creations and his most loved and hated characters and stories .Inspired by the characters and events from each of his books and including original thoughts and notes on yellow lined appear - as if Road Dahl had written it himself! :)

Whether you have only just started to get to know his books or you’ve grew up with him , I guarantee you will absolutely love this.

Escape rooms have become really popular over the last year. Enter the world of . Escape room puzzles with this brilliant book!. But beware, once you enter , you only have a limited time to solve the puzzles before the time finds out and you are locked out forever.

I absolutely love the idea of this book. Guide Adam, the young investigative journalist through 10 precarious rooms, solving the puzzles he finds in each one. It also has a timed element which adds that extra bit of tension!

Nila absolutely loves Sophie la giraffe and this super cute Merry Christmas Sophie book is the perfect addition to any Sophie lover’s collection.

She wraps presents,decorated the tree and fills the stockings. With its shiny, glittery cover , it’s the perfect festive book for your little ones this year

Follow the step by step guide in all of the books to turn your old , unwanted  ‘rubbish’ into recycled master pieces :)

Neal’s Yard remedies complete wellness book is a head to toe guide to self care for every part of the body. This is one of my favourite books as I am quite holistic and love to try homemade remedies first as they are so much better for you and your body.

This book is absolutely packed with so much information and sources . It also includes step by step guides and demonstrations showing you how to make some of them remedies and oils . This would make some a lovely Christmas gift .

One thing I like to do in the evening is out the kettle on and do some puzzles .i don’t know about you but it stops my mind going over the 50 billion jobs that need to be done the next day- mum life! :) The Alice’s puzzles - Through the looking glass is definitely my kinda book.

With 130 puzzles to chose from.Logic puzzles and the lateral thinking to maths challenges and deductive reasoning's. So take a trip down the rabbit hole into a wondrous world of riddles and enigmas. If you enjoy this book then there isn’t more from the Alice in wonderland puzzle range too! :)

 I hope i have given you some inspiration when it comes to Christmas shopping :)

-All these products were gifted in exchange for featuring in this guide

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