Tuesday 20 November 2018


I’m lying in bed looking over at the cot and just watching Nila. Do you ever do that sometimes?. I can’t believe she is already 16 months old . It’s crazy how fast it goes and you only have to blink, well that’s how it seems , and they are already 1.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these baby days and how much I am soaking up every minute of them. Nila is our last little munchkin and although we both know we couldn’t have another child for health reasons , it doesn’t get any easier digesting that.

So these baby days count.. every last second of them. I often hear people say that their little ones are walking and how grown up they are because there in a big kids bed , and some even say to me that they can’t believe Nila isn’t walking , and haven’t I put her into a bed yet! .. no I haven’t! And I don’t plan if doing so any time soon.

My little bug is still a baby and she will stay a baby for as long as she wants too. Why rush?. What is the rush on growing up?, being an adult isn't all that it’s cracked up to be , let me tell you :)

Don’t get me wrong , We encourage Nila in every way possible to learn new things and help her become independent. She’s really loving feeding herself at the minute , messy but super cute! , and is loving her big girls high chair.

She walks along the sofa and when holding your hand and even on her own for a few steps but much prefers to shuffle like crazy on her bum, which is the cutest thing, and the talk of our playgroup :)

She will walk when she is ready and that is absolutely fine by me.

She is the life and should of the party and loves making everybody laugh. She is a little obsessed with balls at the moment and loves telling us when she has found one in the toy box .

She loves to be in our izmi toddler carrier on the morning school run and plays peel a poo with her big sister in it , which brings so much fun to the morning , and Alessia and Nila really are two little peas in a pod .

She still loves her morning and bedtime bottle and I don’t know if I ever will manage getting rid of her dummy, but we will work on that when we are ready .

I love you Nila, more than you could ever imagine. Just like I tell your big sisters , you are all my absolute world and are growing up so so fast.

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