if you have been following us for a while then you will already know that we have moved house recently. I wish I could say it has been plain sailing but it’s been an absolute disaster!, but I think no house moves are easy are they?

Now we are finally settled and enjoying the new home we have decided to change up the kitchen a bit . We have recently purchased a few new appliances and have gone with the theme black and cream, which is actually a really lovely colour combination:)

Ironically we were on the hunt for a new microwave and was kindly sent the Hotpoint Cook 30 MWH303B 30 Litre Microeave With Grill to review, perfect timing! :)

At first glance it’s absolutely stunning and a lovely piece to any kitchen I must say!. It’s a little larger than your average microwave ,which works for us as we are a family of 5 and this definitely is a medium sized family microwave.

I am so impressed with how modern this microwave is. The fact that you can make crispy bacon it is is honestly music to my ears !.

The key features are

  • 900 Watt power output
  • 30 Litre capacity, as I mentioned earlier , perfect for big families :)
  • Grill function 
  • Automatic programmes 
  • Automated cleaning 

One of my favourite features has got to be the automatic programmes. I’ve never actually seen this feature on any other microwave and it makes meal times so simple and clean! . I’m sure every single one of you have had baked beans splashed back as you’ve left them in the microwave for to long :)

It’s easily done when your doing a few jobs at a time and the automated programme setting is perfect as it is set to the required time for that specific food and then cooks it to perfection, without any mess! because this bad boy has an automated cleaning function that uses water and heat to get rid of any mess! Amazing .

Kadiann has been getting in the kitchen more now she does cooking st school and tnis microeave is really simple and easy to use for her , which I really love :)

- We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review


  1. Sounds like a great modern microwave! My Parents are in need of a new one so will suggest this to them!

  2. Sorry to hear that your move has been a bit of a disaster but hopefully it's all coming together now! This microwave looks fab and ideal for a large family and it even self cleans - now this, I love!

  3. Sorry your house move has been a bit stressful, hopefully you are all settled in now? This looks and sounds like a fantastic microwave to have and I love all the presettings! It would definitely save a lot of time and guessing!

  4. Having a microwave oven is the best thing I have bought. I didn’t think the grill function works as well though- takes ages on mine

  5. Hotpoint is such a good brand, this microwave looks fab! To self clean is amazing

  6. I would be lost without my microwave but mine is far more basic - this sounds fab

  7. Did someone say bacon?! This looks amazing, I want one so bad!!

  8. Ahh auto cleaning function, now that is fantatsic. I also love that it does crispy bacon. Mich x

  9. Oh no sorry about the house move. Great microwave if you do use one alot xx

  10. What a lovely microwave. It sounds like it does the job.

  11. I think this microwave has really good features. I also love all the automatic programmes on it. You'll feel more at ease knowing that you're just cooking the food right.

  12. The crispy bacon sells it to me!! I’m sorry your house move didn’t go to plan.


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