Friday 16 November 2018


You have decided that it is time for a change. You want to pack your bags and start a new adventure. You’ve already made a huge decision. But, now comes an even bigger one… Which country do you move to? For some expats, this decision is an easy one, as a job opportunity has dictated their move or they decide to relocate to a destination they have visited for many years now. However, for others, they may have no clue regarding which country is going to be right for their new life. Because of this, we’ve decided to give you a helping hand. Let’s take a look at five of the best places for expat quality of life…

There are many reasons why Switzerland provides an excellent new life for expats. Of course, it’s great for those that love to ski and you also have the stunning backdrop of the Alps. There is plenty to do and see in this location and you’re only a short train ride away from the likes of Italy, Germany, and France.

Another reason why Switzerland is so popular is that economic satisfaction is exceptionally high. Expats in Switzerland earn more than double when compared with the global average. However, this is reflective of the living costs in the country, as life is expensive in Switzerland. Despite this, according to HSBC two-thirds of the expats in Switzerland have more disposable income than they did before they relocated to the country.

Finally, Switzerland is also one of the safest places for raising children abroad. Kids receive a high-quality education and health care in the country is also of a high standard as well. Switzerland is certainly an all-rounder when it comes to expat quality of life


Whilst Switzerland has long established itself as a great choice for expats, one place that is fast emerging as a favourite is Bahrain. One of the reasons why so many people are opting to move to this Middle Eastern jewel is because they benefit from a great work/life balance. This is largely where the better standard of living comes from in Bahrain.

Adaptability is another key benefit associated with this country. Research indicates that most expats find it easy to establish their new life in Bahrain, whether it’s adjusting to the culture or making new friends in the country. Expats are accepted and respected by the locals

Aside from this, both education and health care are of a premium quality in Bahrain. Nevertheless, in regards to the latter, the private hospitals are definitely of a superior standard when compared to the state system, which is why it is advised to take out international health insurance prior to your move.

All in all, what makes Bahrain different from other countries in the Persian Gulf is the fact that it does not rely upon oil. Instead, Bahrain is heavily invested in the tourism sector and the banking sector. This makes it excellent in terms of integrating into the culture.


When it comes to economics, China ranks at the top thanks to its booming economy. Expats often find it easier to secure a job in China, as there are lots of good employment opportunities and competition is relatively low.

It’s not only the economy that makes China attractive for expats. In addition to this, there are massive opportunities when it comes to sport. Moreover, the local culture attracts many and a lot of expats state that their social life has improved since moving to the country.

Nevertheless, whilst China may have a lot of positive attributes and be one of the best places for quality of living, there are two potential downfalls. Some people struggle with the weather in the country. However, the main factor to be aware of is the mediocre health care. Expat medical insurance should not be overlooked when moving to this country.


Germany has long been considered a popular choice with expats. There are many reasons why this is the case and one reason is undoubtedly the fact that the country boasts an exceptionally strong economy.

The political system in Germany is also very stable. Germany is considered a safe place to live, with crime levels being low. This is one of the reasons why the country is deemed one of the best places in the world for raising children.

Whilst there are lots of positives surrounding Germany, there are a couple of points to be mindful of. A considerable number of expats complain about their social life and thus you may need to make more of an effort to integrate. Moreover, the cost of living is relatively high in Germany. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a stable and safe destination, you will struggle to find anywhere better.


Last but not least, Singapore is the final location that makes up our list of the top five places for expat quality of life. If you are looking for greater economic opportunities and an improved quality of life, Singapore is definitely a good
place to consider. You also have nearby Malaysia, with places such as Kota Damansara offering a great base for expats, so if Singapore is a bit out of your price range, it’s definitely worth looking here.

Many expats move to Singapore to capitalise on employment opportunities. It is a place for the career-driven. In fact, more than half of those who move to Singapore do so for better job prospects, with roughly every eight in ten expats being in full-employment.

A lot of expats enjoy the local culture of Singapore. They enjoy shopping at the local markets and tucking into the authentic cuisine that is on offer as well. Childcare and education are also ranked highly, although many expats find the cost of both more expensive when contrasted with their home country

So there you have it – five of the best locations when it comes to expat quality of life. Nevertheless, this certainly does not mean you can just pack your bags, jump on a plane and expect everything to run smoothly. It is vital to do as much research as possible about your new destination and you’ll certainly want to visit several times

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