Wednesday 14 November 2018


When it comes to our car , we have had some ups and down, I’ll say that much!. I think everyone has a love / hate relationship when it comes to their car and driving . I don’t actually drive, Scott is the main driving in our household.

On numerous occasions we get told it’s best to have just the one driver as it’s so expensive for two people to drive, but I totally disagree!. I am learning to drive and having two drivers in the household , especially with young children I think will only benefit us. Cars in general can be expensive but I’ve got some great tips to help you cut the cost of your car budget.


This one is at the top of my list!. We have been known to skip our cars check and resorted in is breaking down completely on holiday 6 hours away from home . It was a long and awful wait for the AA team and a lot of work being done to it to get it fixed so definitely make sure you get your car checked regularly to eliminate a hefty bill!


We started putting a little bit of money aside in a lot because of the dramas on holiday. At least this way if something did crop up with the car that was unexpected, we would have the money to fix it or at least a big chunk of the money .


Even though I don’t drive , I am constantly telling Scott to change gear or get in the right gear. I think it’s because I am learning I am more aware of gear changes because it’s all fresh in my mind . Driving in the right gear will not only keep your gears working perfectly. It will also save your petrol.


We walk to school because it is only a 10 minute walk and even though it can be cold now we are in winter , using he car for a few minutes every morning is unnecessary. You will save money on peril this way and also save the West and tear on the small journeys , that add up!


Hunt around for the best insurance you can find. We are really good and finding the best deals and also what they include. Remember to read the small print as the best deal you find might not cover everything you need and will cost you extra once you e added them on to your plan.


If you are in need of a new car . Shop around. Don’t head off and get yourself a brand new car , there are plenty of second hand cars and really good prices!. We recently purchase our new car second hair and it’s in immaculate condition. If you are on the look out for a pre loved car in Brighton then visit KAP Motor’s website and book the car of your dreams online. We would always buy second hand!.

Second hand cars can be found for half the price of a brand new one , even less!. Which is such a save and can go towards something else , especially this time of year when Christmas is just around the corner ! :)

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