Monday 12 November 2018


Yesterday Kadiann was out at her friends and also had planned to go to the cinema , so I took the opportunity to take the younger two our for a festive Costa hot chocolate and also get some Christmas shopping done.

That’s the trouble isn’t it, when you have kiddies . Trying to go shopping for presents while they are with you’ve is impossible, especially with the ages my older two are - 15 and 9. If I try and get anything for them whilst they are with me , sneakily, you can an beat they catch me out !

With Kadiann not with us , me and Alessia put operation Kadiann into play and dedicated a few hours hunting down some of her Christmas list .

I must admit , at first I thought the day was turning into a disaster!. We couldn’t find half of the stuff as the shops had decided to re arrange all the bits since we had last been and I couldn’t find any of the items Kay had chosen!

Luckily I had all the screenshots she had sent me , yes , when you have teenagers . The Christmas list ends up as photos being sent through to you from WhatsApp! :) one shop I just showed the lady the photos and she went and got me the item! Perfect!

We had a lunch break and the girls had a sausage roll from Gregg's and I had a festive bake which was like a Xmas party in your mouth - turkey, stuffing , cranberry sauce! Not sure I would have it again if I’m honest! We went and got a Krispy Kreme for dessert, I chose my absolute favourite which is the biscoff lotus and Shared it with Nila bugs. Alessia picked the peanut butter one .

We also had a rummage in Smiggle as Alessia is obsessed with Smiggle and she wanted to add a few things in to her Christmas list . We ended up taking one of their Christmas brochures so she could circle round which ones she wanted . I use to love doing that with the Argos book when I was younger :)

I managed to pick up Kadiann an advent calendar as she is the last one to get for. We went with the sleek one from boots, which although it is quite pricey at £35- it is in their mix and match Christmas range so I managed getting 3 items for the price of 2 which was an absolute bargains

We finished our shopping day with the yummiest hot chocolates from Costa . Festive orange and cream and caramel . They were delicious , even Nila enjoyed them! :)

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