Monday 24 December 2018


It’s Christmas Eve night and the girls are finally tucked up in bed and ready for the morning! They have be so excited today and we have had the best Christmas Eve full of food and drink and games.

Normally Scott and I are up til gone 4am wrapping the rest of the presents but I got the rest of them done this morning and we’ve had the rest of the day to just enjoy each other’s company and get really excited for Santa to arrive tonight!

We’ve been tracking the big guy for most of the evening and Alessia has been super excited to see where his off to next :) we’ve also painted our nails ready for tomorrow .

Alessia loves having that one on one time to paint our nails lately and I really love it .We’ve gone for reds and purple with plenty of glitter :) -

our buffet was incredible and I am so full! I did everything you could possibly think of - sausage rolls, prawns , cheese board, pickles , crisps , pigs in blankets , the works! It’s a tradition of ours and we all absolutely love it .

Scott was at work until 5.30pm and also braved the shops to get all the last minute bits . He is a good egg and I am so grateful for him .

We’ve read the night before Christmas and just had the most lovely day .

I’m so grateful for the girls . Honestly I’m not drunk- although I’ve had the best part of a bottle of prosecco and Christmas pudding liqueur, but honestly , my girls are what makes Christmas so special and I can not wait to see their faces in the morning !

Merry Christmas Eve X

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