Sunday 23 December 2018


One thing I love to make around this time of year is chocolate bark. It is so easy and you can adapt it to whatever season or celebration it is :)

It bought I would share we you our Christmas bark recipe as the girls absolutely love it and I hope you and your kiddies do too!


One bar of milk chocolate
One bar of white chocolate
A candy cane
Sprinkles if you have any
Grease proof paper


Add your milk chocolate chocolate to a bowl and heat in the microwave for a minute , stopping and stirring every 30 seconds so it is evenly melted.

Once it’s all melted , tip it onto your grease proof paper and spread out so you have a nice thick layer of chocolate.

Repeat this step with the white chocolate and tip that over the milk chocolate to create a marble look.

Then give your candy cane a little bashing - the girls love this part! And also love to eat half of it! :) once it’s broken up into little pieces , sprinkle over the chocolate.

If you have any Christmas sprinkles , you can add them too , but it isn’t a necessity.

Once that’s all done , pop it in the fridge for an hour then break it up into pieces and there you have a delicious tub of Christmas Bark :)

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