Saturday 22 December 2018


The girls love nothing better to do than craft. All three of them have always had a love for crafts and have brought hours of fun and play to the home.

We’ve been super busy with crafting over the festive period this year and have made some lovely pieces of art work .

Nila has been loving sticking over the last few months and has loved making Christmas pictures with her favourite Christmassy stickers in for her Nana and Grandad.

We’ve also made a homemade wreath for the window and made some decorations for the tree. Alessia has been super busy working on these and has done an amazing job! I absolutely love the turkey and the little sprouts!

Although no one likes sprouts in our house apart from me! :)

Homemade cards are great aren’t they. Little cards with painted hands on are the cutest. Homemade presents are always a favourite too. They are kept for years and years, and are Usually brought out very Christmas and it brings back memories.

The girls have made some beautiful tealight holders for their nanny and Auntie. We have got gingerbread houses and Christmas tree designs and I think they are  perfect and I know that they are going to absolutely love their presents from the girls.

Paint is favourite in this house . We get the paints out every weekend and the baker Ross ready to use paint makes life that little bit easier :) they are all ready made, no need for water and the girls choose which colours they want to use and I’ll pop some in the paint tray.

These paints also come out of clothing , which is definitely a parent’s dream!. Finger painting trees and hands have been our go to on the weekends and Nila loves getting her hands messy- typical toddler !

If your little ones love crafting as much as mine do then I have a 20% off code for Baker Ross so you can get your hands on some brilliant crafty bits :) just pop code KIRA20 in when you’ve finished browsing :)

-We were gifted some products from Baker Ross for Christmas Crafts over the Holidays

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