Sunday 2 December 2018


One thing we love to do every year is go to the Christmas light switch on. We didn’t actually go last year unfortunately due to me being really poorly so I was determined for us all to get back into the swing of things and go this year.

Kadiann didn’t want to come , which was a shame, but at 15,she’s at that age now where Christmas light switch ons and seeing Santa just isn’t fun- teenagers eh!

We live in a new town now but honestly, I do miss our old neighbourhood and everybody there. So going back is always a nice thing , we are only up the road, I write as if we are miles and miles away :)

Anyway we got wrapped up as it’s blinking freezing now isn’t it ! and headed to town. They had a Christmas market in before the actual light switch on at 6pm and I love a good cheese taster stall as much as the next person.

We tasted cheese and Christmas pudding liqueur, I know , sounds amazing right? I did buy a bottle :) it would of been rude not too!. Alessia has a delicious Oreo cupcake and we also bought one of the local butchers homemade pies , which is also a friend of the families , and I’m telling you , the pies are amazing!.

We won on the tombola and got working to our friends from the village and we had a really lovely evening . The fair rides were there and a Alessia absolutely loves the fair . She got a light up Santa stick that sings jingle bells which Nila is a little obsessed with.

Santa was also there but the queue for the big guy was massive! So we’re going to head to our local shopping centre to catch him next time .

We ended the night with the count down to the lights and grabbing some mince pies for a night of tea , mince pies and a Christmas move .

The perfect evening to kick start the festive period :)

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