Monday 10 December 2018


If you didn’t know already, we were lucky enough to be able to move house in time for  Christmas from what it seemed like months and months of trying to find a new home .

Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to wait around for the perfect home or to be picky as half of us where living in Stoke and half of us were living in Norfolk and we were so miserable being apart.

Anyway back to the brighter side! :) we have finally moved and can not wait for Christmas together, but there were some cons when it came to moving very quickly.

We found the house for rent and moved within 10 days - which didn’t give much time for any repairs to the home before we moved in , and we were a little disheartened when we saw what work needed to be done .

The bedrooms just needed fresh paint in the walls and the kitchen and living room has been sorted with new carpets and some new tiles.The bathroom hoover needs a good make over.We are on a budget now with Christmas around the corner and having done all the other rooms.

If you know me well then you will know I have many tips and tricks up my sleeve when it comes to budgeting. I have come up with three that have spruced up our bathroom and made it look as good as new!

Tiles- I really feel like tiles are the way forward - especially in a bathroom where damp is going to happen , especially if you have a teenage daughter who spends hours in the bath :). They are also really easy to clean and wipe down and make the bathroom look really fresh and jazzy.

Mirrors- A mirror can completely change the look of your bathroom. We have seen so many beautiful mirrors and have gone with a simple white oval one but with ivy like branches coming off it . It really does look gorgeous , and expensive! But it definitely didn’t break the bank.

Light- we have actually had a few spot lights put in the bathroom and having not had these before , I can say they give the bathroom such a cosy feel to it and gives great lighting for whenyour having a pamper evening and the face masks are out :)

We’ve managed to complete the bathroom on a really good budget and I’m super happy with the results . If your thinking of giving your bathroom a pampering and a new stylish touch then why not
Visit Harrogate bathrooms for a professional consultation . They offer an extensive range of products and solutions to fit everyone’s budgets and needs, and they have the most beautiful pieces as well!

I’d love to hear if your thinking about switching your bathroom design and what style you go for :)

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