Sunday 9 December 2018


Its that time again isn’t it . Letters to Santa have officially be done today - although Nila can’t write but she gave it a good go ! and it’s a good job mama knows what she wants so I can let Santa know :)

We’ve been super busy with the crafts today and the girls have had a lovely afternoon with the paints and making Santa’s letters really pretty.

Every year the girls write a list for Santa and also a list for me and daddy so we all know where we stand :) this works great for us as santa picks out an item on his list and leaves it on their bed for Christmas morning and the rest is up to me and dad :)

Alessia is Slightly obsessed with Harry Potter at the minute so had asked for some Harry Potter ‘merch’- I did have to ask her what she meant - it’s obviously short for merchandise mum ! She also really wants a phone but I think she knows Santa isn’t bringing her a phone this year- maybe next year!

She also loves Sylvanian families and has a lot of stuff on her Christmas list including the big beechwood hall if you’ve not seen it on the TV adverts every half an hour , then where have you been ! :)

Nila loves happyland and I know she will be so happy with any little figures to add to her collection - or the big cottage house :) - yes mama has got her that for a Christmas and I am actually so excited to see her face when she opens it .

Kadiann wants what typical 15 year old girls want - make up, make up and more make up :) she also wants clothes and pampering bits , but I’m not giving anything away as I know she reads this blog posts :) love you darling xx

Our Santa letter tradition is to leave his letter by an open window and by the morning he would have come and collected it . This is also our tooth fairy tradition, and one time we forgot to open the window and she didn’t come! The look on Alessia’s face!

Let’s see what Santa brings the girls this year . All I know is that they are super duper excited , and so am I!

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