Saturday 8 December 2018


I’m forever getting told that this time of year is magical and the best time of the year hands down. Although I do agree with that for the most part - the dark days really do get me down and being a sufferer of SAD - seasonal affective disorder, I can sometimes end up feeling so low and down most of the day.

With that being said , when I got asked what I wanted for Christmas this year I asked for the usual - some perfume, a planner for the ahead , and luckily enough I had been kindly sent a light pad to test out - almost like an early Christmas present!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to get it up and running and really test it out as they have such good reviews . I had high hopes for this bad boy!

If your not familiar with the term S.A.D or why a a light pad would help, then let me tell you a little
Bit about it . S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) is a type of depression that strikes with the changes of the seasons.

The winter months are dark and dull and can bring on sadness, low moods, insomnia. The sad lights have 10,000 lux brightness and the long  lasting LED technology Is clinically proven to alleviate these symptoms from S.A.D sufferers by replicating natural daylight to offer a boost to your wellbeing when the days are short .

First initial thought was that it’s a lot lighter than I had expected , almost super delicate!. It was so easy to use . Just plug the mains adaptor in to the side of your light pad and that is it!. Turn it on with the button in the bottom right hand corner and you are good to go.

It has a few light settings , which I actually found really useful- especially of an evening if I wanted to read in bed, which makes it perfect for multi purposes! :)

The light pad has honestly done wonders . It’s not a miracle worker and isn’t magic, so it’s not going to miraculously make you feel like humming to Mary Poppins as soon as you’ve turned it on , but I’ve noticed if I start feeling myself becoming low then I’ll switch it on , make a tea and sit and read and it really does settles the low mood.

The S.A.D light pad  definitely lives up to its expectations and Christmas came early for me so I can enjoy the festive season with family and hopefully not have to many down days :)

-This product was gifted in exchange for featuring in this article

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