So yesterday morning I made the decision to swap over Nila’s bottles for a beaker. I don’t even know where the idea came from but I was literally just sitting down and thinking about Hingis - as you do and thought it was a good time to do the transition.

Nila has a bottle of milk for bed and one in the morning . She already uses her beaker for water during the day so I thought just transferring the milk into the beaker wasn’t that much of a deal- hold that thought as the first beaker of milk trial is tonight - I’ll keep you posted :)

So last night was her last bedtime bottle and honestly , I felt really sad . I just lay there looking st my baby thinking how the hell has 17 months gone by already. I swear the more kids you have the faster they grow! My eldest is 16 next year and I wish I could just roll back the clocks for a little bit longer .

Does anyone else feel like that? . I’m sure we all do at some point . It’s natural I guess to feel a little sad but also proud when they hit and reach milestones in life.

I must admit though , she does love a bottle and when it’s finished she screams blue murder - although that could just be because she’s a greedy little munchkin and wants more Milk! :) but we will soon find out .

This morning was her last morning bottle and I tried to capture the moment and soak it all in - aswell as get the other two ready for school, all about multi tasking in this house , let me tell you!

I’m writing this whilst she’s having her morning nap and I’m just watching her . My little baby no longer having bottles. No more sterilising - which I am slightly happy about actually.

Let’s see what tonight brings . A nice warm beaker if milk. I am sure she will be fine and as long as she has her dummy for bed I don’t think she will really notice that the bottles are gone. I’m hoping she doesn’t anyway.

P.S ... I have however washed them up and put them in the cupboard , just incase! You never know do you and I wouldn’t want her to be like ‘oh mum where the hell are my bottles’ - because she can obviously say that .... :) . If that does happen , then I’ll be like ‘in the cupboard girl’ it’s cool :)

Mum life eh! The guilt , the joy, the happiness , the sad times . The biggest massive rollercoaster we are on for the rest of our lives .


  1. How did it go? It always feels like such a big move for us parents, but often they take it in their stride

    1. She’s asleep with a full tummy of milk from a beaker! :)

  2. Ahh , yes I agree a complete rollercoaster! I hope she didnt really notice the switch ?

  3. It can be a big step for them moving from a bottle to a beaker - sounds like she has taken to it well

  4. All of my 3 rejected milk from a beaker when I cut out bottles. I had to increase the milk and dairy in cooking and on their cereals so that they still got all of the nutrients required by their growing bodies

  5. She'll be off to college soon! Reminds us to cherish every moment. Thanks for writing this.


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