Friday 7 December 2018


So yesterday morning I made the decision to swap over Nila’s bottles for a beaker. I don’t even know where the idea came from but I was literally just sitting down and thinking about Hingis - as you do and thought it was a good time to do the transition.

Nila has a bottle of milk for bed and one in the morning . She already uses her beaker for water during the day so I thought just transferring the milk into the beaker wasn’t that much of a deal- hold that thought as the first beaker of milk trial is tonight - I’ll keep you posted :)

So last night was her last bedtime bottle and honestly , I felt really sad . I just lay there looking st my baby thinking how the hell has 17 months gone by already. I swear the more kids you have the faster they grow! My eldest is 16 next year and I wish I could just roll back the clocks for a little bit longer .

Does anyone else feel like that? . I’m sure we all do at some point . It’s natural I guess to feel a little sad but also proud when they hit and reach milestones in life.

I must admit though , she does love a bottle and when it’s finished she screams blue murder - although that could just be because she’s a greedy little munchkin and wants more Milk! :) but we will soon find out .

This morning was her last morning bottle and I tried to capture the moment and soak it all in - aswell as get the other two ready for school, all about multi tasking in this house , let me tell you!

I’m writing this whilst she’s having her morning nap and I’m just watching her . My little baby no longer having bottles. No more sterilising - which I am slightly happy about actually.

Let’s see what tonight brings . A nice warm beaker if milk. I am sure she will be fine and as long as she has her dummy for bed I don’t think she will really notice that the bottles are gone. I’m hoping she doesn’t anyway.

P.S ... I have however washed them up and put them in the cupboard , just incase! You never know do you and I wouldn’t want her to be like ‘oh mum where the hell are my bottles’ - because she can obviously say that .... :) . If that does happen , then I’ll be like ‘in the cupboard girl’ it’s cool :)

Mum life eh! The guilt , the joy, the happiness , the sad times . The biggest massive rollercoaster we are on for the rest of our lives .

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