Wednesday 5 December 2018


Normally every year when the 1st December strikes, the Christmas tree goes up!. I must admit , I haven’t been very organised this year and with the kiddie being poorly I hadn’t even got round to buying any of the decorations.

We also didn’t have anywhere to put it in our new house so I ended up lugging one of the chairs from the living room and chucking it in the garden, I know what your thinking , but I have wanted to get rid of one chair for a while so this was the best excuse for it.

Plus after Chrismtas we need so much space downstairs for all the toys- you know what it’s like if you have kids

For the past 10 years we have gone with blues and silvers for the Christmas tree and last year we added a little purple . This year we wanted to go for the whole traditional tree and use reds, Golds and greens.

I shopped round at the last minute but a friend of mine actually gave me her set of baubles as she was changing her tree theme so that was pretty handy! :)

We got our tree delivered as we’ve had a real one this year and put it up and left it for a day to just drop and air out . The girls were so excited to get it decorated and a ‘naked’ Christmas tree in the living room really did look odd.

Alessia has actually been of school with ear infection and Nila has Croup so we two poorly munchkins in tow and a very helpful teenager , we put on the Christmas songs and got going. I love having my side kick when it comes to putting the tree up, and it does help that Kay is taller than me so she can sort the top baubles out :)

We went for warm lights as well this year and they really do make a difference to the tree. We got Nila to put some decorations on too, although she wasn’t to keen on the texture of the tree and don’t get me started on the tinsel, she hates it.

I used it as a make shift ‘stair gate’ so she wouldn’t go into the kitchen and it worked, babies are funny aren’t they.

Our tree is up, our decorations are up.The only thing we need is the ceiling decks- does anyone else still use them? We love them and they remind me so much of my childhood. The house is feeling super Christmassy and we love it!

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