Thursday 24 January 2019


When January comes around , it’s safe to our bank balances are pretty empty and we all vow to do no spend January and it usually fails half way through the month , am I right?

Then you feel like you’ve failed and end up feeling rubbish. At the end of December I made a pledge for this year that I would be more mindful when it comes to spending and try and spend as less as possible and make cut back where I can.

This can be anything from your food shopping to preparing for Christmas that little bit earlier , so your not stressing I. November and end up buying a whole load of stuff for a lot of money.

I’ve come up with 5 tips on how I am going to spend less this year and thought I would share them with you :)


I actually started meal planning in December and it really makes a difference to your food shopping bill. Plan the meals you will be having for the week, including lunches or the kiddies packed lunch bits for school and make a list and stick to it . We have saved tons doing this and there is also no ways at the end of the week , which is great! 


one of my favourite things to do ! Yes I’m a little bit weird :) meal prepping has been a life saver for me over the last few months and will definitely be taking it into 2019. Prepping your lunches or dinners for the week can get you out of a pickle , Believe me . Last minute doctors appointments have had me ending up buying sandwiches from the corner shop for the little onescosting a hefty £3.50 each, but buying prepping sandwiches or salads at home , if your in a rush just grab and go :)


A friend of mine introduced eBay selling to me and I can honestly say. She made a second income doing this last year . Nila has so many black bags full of baby clothes , most of them with the tags still on. Go through your wardrobes and any clothes that don’t fit or your never going to well, put them on eBay. The money you make can go towards the new pair of trainers you need , or your little ones school bag. Therefore your not out of pocket :) 


You might be thinking freebies? But let me tell you! I have had so many freebies over the last few years by simple registering my email address , or by answering a simple question in order to receive a lipstick or a pack of wipes!. These little nick nacks can be a god send, especially if theres a birthday party coming up and you’ve totally forgotten about it! We have a little box of last minute gift ideas all from freebies . Online sites have so many different freebies to get your hands on,including candles!. You can thank me later :)


I think we all do this to a certain extent. Discounted pyjamas for the kids to put away for their birthdays , or buy one get one free Easter eggs in January! Yes I have seen them already :) . You can go one better than that and prepare for Christmas as early as now . The shops sell the Christmas bits for so cheap in January . I ended up purchasing 5M Disney Christmas wrapping paper for 10p per roll! Instead of £3.99.

There are some of my tips to help spend more this year. I really hope they have given you some inspiration and if they have , I’d leave to hear how :)

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