Tuesday 22 January 2019


One dish we love in this house is a pasta dish. The girls absolutely love pasta and they must take after daddy as he could probably eat pasta everyday! :)

I love cooking and making one meal for the whole family is obviously a bonus and to make that meal slimming world friendly for me is an even added bonus and were all happy! Then I can save my syns on some yummy treats in the evening :)

I’ve come up with this syn free spaghetti carbonara using one of your healthy extra a choice and now you are allowed two of them ! That definitely is music to my ears :)


Half a punnet of mushrooms cut up
A clove of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Bacon with all fat removed - I’ve used four slices
400G Spaghetti
Fry light
250G Fat free quark
1 vegetable stock cube
30G Parmesan - which is one of your healthy extra a choices :)


First of all I boil the kettle and pop my spaghetti in a pan with water and the vegetable stock and let that cook off whilst I prepare the rest of the dish as it really doesn’t take no time at all.

In a pan fry up the cloves of garlic and the onion for a few minutes until the onion soften slightly  and then  add your chopped mushrooms and let that fry off whilst you cut up your bacon.

Chop your bacon up into however big or small pieces you’d prefer and add them to the pan . Bacon only takes a few minutes to cook and you want your bacon soft , not crispy.

Once that is all cooked and softened add a little of the stock from the spaghetti whilst you prepare your carbonara sauce.

In a bowl add your egg, quark , salt and pepper and Parmesan and give it a good mix . Incentive it’s mixed, add your spaghetti to the mushroom and bacon mix and stir in your sauce . Turn the heat off whilst you continue to stir , making sure the egg cooks throughly .

That is your slimming world syn free Spaghetti Carbonara, and honestly . It is absolutely delicious! :)

Let me know if you re- create this receipe and what you think of it :)

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  1. No egg mentioned in the ingredients. How many do you use?