This weekend has been absolutely lovely . We haven’t done anything extravagant but I am
now In bed with a hot cup of tea and feel like this weekend has been so chilled and slow and we haven’t had a weekend like this in forever!.

The weekend for me normally consists of rushing round cleaning and putting The laundry away. Ironing . Hoovering , putting  new bedding on - I feel like the weekends are always filled with cleaning and rushing for me and I never get a minute to sit .

On Friday I tried to make sure everything was done . The clothes were away. Uniforms were washed . The beds were done and no hoovering or anything needed to be done over the weekend .

I managed to get everything done Friday - including most of my blog work and any editing or video scheduling and I can say it definitely paid off.

I’ve had the loveliest weekend with the girls . We have been baking cupcakes and made the most yummiest biscuits that literally melt in your mouth , so good!! Will definitely be doing a recipe on them as they were delicious!

We’ve had kitchen discos every day at lunch time and had the crafts out . We’ve made dems and laughed that much to the point of having hiccups and nearly being sick! :)

It has been absolutely lovely and I know Alessia has really enjoyed it . We even had time together on our own to watch a movie with no Nila , as I sent her up for a nap with daddy and got to have a soak in the bath and watch a movie with Alessia.

I definitely think getting everything ticked off my list for a Friday is going to be a new thing for me as it has worked out a treat!

Now I’m going to enjoy this hot cup of tea , catch up on some Netflix’s and getting ready for tomorrow’s school run mayhem!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Sounds like you've been pretty busy. Those cakes look ace btw, just wish I was half as creative lol

  2. My 'ambition' this year is to stay off my laptop at the weekends. To do this I'm working a 9-5 on my blog, with certain jobs due on certain days - and when I finish on Friday I know I deserve two days off! It's still a work in progress ... but I'm regaining my weekends slowly, and it's lovely

  3. Baking cupcakes, fun with the little ones and some netflix sounds great to me!

  4. Some times a slow weekend can be good. those cup cakes you baked look yummy xx

  5. I could really do with a slow weekend - its all been a bit manic here lately

  6. Sometimes slow weekends really are the best and when you get some of the most quality time because your not rushing from one place to another. Also baking is always a good idea :)

    Laura x


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