Wednesday 2 January 2019


The girls absolutely love there babies and are always happy to add to their collection, especially Nila. She’s really got into them and loves looking after them , which is so cute to see as she is only 18 months old :)

Alessia and Nila were kindly sent a Nala cry baby doll over the Christmas holidays to review and I can tell you now , they were an absolute hit!.

If your not familiar with the cry babies range . They are these super cute collectable dolls that cry real tears. They are suitable from 18 months , which is perfect for little Nila and they come with their very own dummy and changeable onesie.

The girls were sent baby Nala, and she comes with a super cute tiger print onesie , there are also more cry babies to choose from.

Take Nala’s dummy away and she cry’s real tears and also makes sounds . The girls loved this as Nila thinks it’s really funny when we pretend to cry and she puts her dummy in our mouths to stop us.

She’s been doing this for the past few months and seeing baby Nala cry when her dummy is taken away has her in a fit of giggles.

The cry babies also have movable limbs , which is great for sitting them up during role play. The girls love playing together and these little bubas have given them hours of pretend play in their bedroom.

They also pretend to feed her with their babies bottles and also try and burp her which is so adorable.

They require AAA batteries and retail at around £24.99.

If your in the hunt for a new little baby for your munchkins collection then the girls would definitely recommend a cry baby :)

-We were gifted these products in exchange for an honest review .

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