Saturday 12 January 2019


Tonight I’m feeling really crappy and sluggish and my mood is horrible . Although we’ve had a lovely Christmas indulging in all the mince pies and cheeses and it’s been lovely , I’m struggling to get back on track now.

If you’ve followed me for a while then you will know I’ve been doing slimming world for a few years now and got down to my target and had maintained it for over a year . Christmas has come  round and bites me in the backside and I’ve fallen off the Slimming world wagon well and truly.

I think it’s bothering me a little bit now as my clothes are beginning to get tight and not fit me which is so disheartening as I put in a lot of work to get to where I was .

I don’t use slimming world as a fad diet . It’s a way of life for me to keep on track and not binge / which is something I do depending on my mood, and thankfully slimming world keeps me in control of that :)

I think everyone gets the January’s ‘how do I start eating right again’ moments as December is full of so much Christmas food , I’m just struggling to kick start slimming world up again.

Tonight is the night I  meal plan for the week ahead and really try and get back on track . It’s so easy to stick to once I’m in it but it’s the initial starting again which is the problem. I did try today, but ended up taking Alessia to the cinema and had the yummiest chocolate popcorn/ epic fail! :)

So I’ve done the Meal plan for the week and we have plenty of fruit and vegetables in . I’ve got my hydrate mate bottle out of the cupboard ready to fill up in the morning and tomorrow’s dinner is an easy and syn free Chicken roast dinner which I’m really looking forward to !

Going to make tomorrow quiet easy which will help the day stay on plan and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed :)

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