Monday 14 January 2019


Happy January! I can not believe we are in 2019. where are the years going! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year and got spoilt! :)

I got some money for Christmas and I am on the hunt for a winter coat! I am in desperate need of one and now the weather is getting super cold and it’s actually -2 today and we are due snow this week I thought I’d share with you some winter coat must-haves that I’ve found online .

I love online shopping, don’t you?. A hot cup of tea and hours of scrolling the internet for some really good deals and bargains after Christmas to spend your Christmas money is one of my favourite things to do :)

Do the first coat I have found and fallen in love with is this Women’s down coat. I must admit there are so many to choose from and they all look so comfy and cosy. My favourite is this gorgeous real down jacket with a detachable scarf!. I’m always in a rush in the morning - especially on the school run and always forget my scarf, this coat is perfect.

Second favourite has to be the parka. Everyone loves a parka don’t this padded check print one scream sophistication and class. Love it! It would be the perfect go for a date night too. A nice simple
Black dress with heels and this coat - perfect!

Now I’ve always loved bomber jackets. They have been out for so many years and always come back in fashion don’t they. I quite like the metallic blue colour that is out at the minute and I think this colour is definitely a wardrobe staple for casual jeans and a tee.

This bomber jacket I found has a sporty and glamour pjs style and features warm padding so it’s still a great winter addition!. It also has a detachable faux fur collar and the elaborate rhinestone brooch gives it such a cool and quirky look!

It retails at £69.00 , but if your like me then you will probably find a discount code on hot deals uk or somewhere on the internet :)

I’d love to hear your winter coat must haves and which style you decide to go with this winter :)

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