Wednesday 30 January 2019


Valentine’s Day is only round the corner and if you are anything like me then you’ll be stressing over what to get your other half for Valentine’s Day .

I always think buying for men can be so hard , and if I’m honest , I end up getting the usual which isn’t really fun or exciting! ... socks, pants and maybe if his lucky some lynx body wash set. I know , I really do go all out ! :)

I think most of us feel like when it comes to men . The struggle this year is real and with Christmas only just been and gone Mezz does not need any socks so I’ve been on the hunt for something different this valentines and something that he actually needs and will appreciate.

I love looking after myself and I really feel that self care is so important and I do find that if Mezz hasn’t had the time to shave or cut his hair then he doesn’t feel himself and it’s funny as I know a lot of women that haven’t really thought about self care for men and them feeling good about themselves.

Debenhams has always been a favourite of mine to go shopping - especially for Christmas actually. I got some really good deals and they stock such a wide variety , there is always something to choose from for whoever your buying for .

Their Men’s Grooming range is very impressive!. I have never seen so many men’s products all in one place . A few years ago I actually struggled to pick up some face cream for Mezz because I just couldn’t find any! So to see such a big selection of men’s feel good grooming products I was a little

One because I knew I’d find something and two , I’m a woman- I love shopping :)

If your stuck or indecisive of what to pick they have some lovely and affordable sets that include face creams washes and lotions , which I think is the perfect valentines gift set for the Mr. Or perhaps a razor to help him keep his beard trim and fresh, and with that maybe add a little shaving balm set in there too :)

I’d love to know what you find your special someone and have a lovely Valentine’s Day :)

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