Wednesday 13 February 2019


This is a recipe that I have adapted over the years , for one , the girls don’t like the crust on a quiche and two, I’m doing slimming world and without the crust this quiche is free.

So In my eyes it’s a win win and a meal that all the family eat is a bonus as I for one am not a mama who cooks a dozen different dinners because everyone wants different. So I thought I’d share with you my crustless quiche or as Alessia calls it , a baked omelette :)


150G Fat free cottage cheese
Mushrooms- optional
Fry light 
30G cheddar cheese
Mixed herbs
Salt and pepper
Any filling you choose - this one I added sweet corn and actually spring onion at the last minute 
Egg! - Depending on the size on your flan case or how thick you want your quiche , this could be a trial and error part for you , but my flan case is an 30cm case and I use 6 medium eggs


Start by Preheating your oven to 170C gas mark 4 and get frying .

Cut up the bacon into little pieces - fat removed if your on slimming world and pop into a frying pan with some fry light .

Add in your mushrooms and any other veg that needs cooking off - onions , peppers etc.

Whilst this is cooking , add in a jug your eggs and cottage cheese and give it a good mix. Then add in a teaspoon of mixed herb and a little salt and pepper for seasoning .

Once the bacon and veg is cooked up , spray your flan case with fry light and layer your mix evenly into your case .

Then add in all your wet mixture so everything is coated. Now sprinkle on top your cheddar cheese and pop into the oven .

Leave in the oven to cook for 25-30 minutes or u til golden brown . A simple knife test in the middle of your quiche will indicate whether the quiche is fully cooked by giving g you a clean knife when taken out.

That’s your quiche! Super simple and so healthy. We serve ours with beans and salad but you can serve with whatever you like .

I’d love to know if you recreate my recipe and get you all think :)

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