I have been meaning to purchase a kallax storage unit from Ikea for a few months now but haven’t got round to doing it . Ikea is an hours drive from us so we couldn’t just drive and pick one up on a whim.

I decided to try and Order one online and when it came to adding in my postcode / the delivery cost was ...£39!. It was the same price as the actual Kallax. I couldn’t believe it !. So Mezz and I decided we would take a road trip to Ikea as it was his day off yesterday.

I had a few little bits I wanted to pick up but mainly the kallax and of course the famous meatballs!. I was even told to try them before I left , and so was Mezz by a work colleague :)

We got there and I wasn’t expecting it to be how it was , does that sound weird? . We had to pick the kallax up from the warehouse downstairs, it was so odd . We were super jealous of all the show bedrooms and wanted to buy everything!.

We tasted the yummiest Lingonberry sparkling juice - I did pick up a few bottles of it as the lady said it went well with Gin, so it was rude not to :) . We also picked up some of the lingonberry jam and a few little bits and bobs.

I will say that their plastic plates and cutlery range is so good for little ones .  Nila has loved eating her tea tonight by herself as the places have a little edge so the food doesn’t fall off . Big thumbs up and they were only £1.10 for 6.

We stopped for lunch and we had the meatballs , mash , peas , ham and gravy. The gravy was delicious and we did purchase a few sachets so I’m really looking forward to making a meatball dish at home.

The meatballs were really nice and the jam went so well with the meal. I thought the meal was really good value for money and honestly we both thought Ikea was an expensive place but we were pleasantly surprised.

After looking at all the kallax units we went for the 16 cubed one which we put up as soon as we got back yesterday evening and I absolutely love it!.

I think we are definitely hooked and will be going back very soon for sure :)


  1. We love going to Ikea, we live not too far from the big one in Croydon. My 3 love the meatballs, it's like a day out for them going to Ikea.

  2. Ikea is the best! I think we’ve got about eight kallax units in total. I try to limit my trips there as I always end up spending over £600!!!

  3. Wow I can’t believe you have never been to ikea!!! We love their meatballs and you can’t beat the Kallax range.

  4. Oh I love ikea. It has everything!? We always get meatballs when we go.

  5. IKEA is just too moorish, I rarely go now as I come out with a car full. I do love the restaurant though, such great value food. Mich x

  6. We love Ikea - you can almost spend a whole day there just looking about. And the meatballs are so good!


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