Sunday 17 February 2019


If you have followed us for a while now then you will know that Nila is absolutely obsessed with babies - babas as we call them. She loves all her babas and has an ever growing collection.

She loves to tuck them into her pushchair with their blankets and put their dummies in. It’s so lovely to watch her imagination run free and for her to join in with her sisters and play mums and dads.

We were kindly gifted the new baby wow walking Megan to review , and I knew straight away Nila would absolutely love her!. She’s more of a little toddler so it’s definitely something new to her collection and we couldn’t wait to try her out .

Baby Megan is like a real little girl. We were actually quite surprised at how incredible she is.She learns to stand up and walk. This was quite funny to watch as both the girls were getting frustrated with her. We are a house full of girls with zero  patience , let me tell you! :)

She responds to voice commands and She actually learns in three different growing stages. The more you play with baby Megan , the quicker she will learn and be able to play with you back.She comes with a toy rattle - which is her favourite. Shake the rattle in front of her and she will amaze you by walking towards it.

As well as walking , Megan can sit , fall over and dance!. She also touches her toes , which is brilliant as Nila loves to sing head, shoulders, knees and toes now as we’ve been learning it at playgroup , so when we Megan touches her toes we all get up and sing :) .

Megan is full of surprises , saying over 100 different words and sentences . She really is a little ones best friend. Rub her back and she’ll be your friend for life.

She details at £59.99, which might not be everyone’s affordable budget but I think she would make the perfect special gift for a birthday or Christmas .

The girls absolutely love her and she has definitely become part of the family for sure :)

- We were gifted this product in exchange for an honest review

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