Tuesday 19 February 2019


If you have followed us for a while now then you will know we love board games . We have the biggest collection known to man kind I’m sure! We have always had games night with the children once a week and although Scott and I enjoy cards and a glass a wine of an evening - we haven’t got any actual games of our own .

We have been kindly sent the new pointless game to review and Scott is a big pointless fan so he was really looking forward to getting his hands on it :) . We rarely get chance to have quality time so a glass of wine and a game of pointless was definitely on the cards.

If you haven’t heard of pointless before then it is a UK bbc tv quiz show. Questions get asked and the aim of the game is to come up with an answer that isn’t popular - the most popular answers have the highest scores and the aim is to get the lowest score . Are you with me ? :)

Inside the box you get a trophy , the question cards and holder ,instructions and some score sheets. You can download the pointless board game app which is available on both android and IOS , which actually keeps score and counts down like the series . I must admit we are old fashion pen and paper kinda people :)

So we downloaded the app anyway and entered our names . It was really easy to set up. One person has to be the Question master but this doesn’t affect the game play if there is only two of you :)

There are four rounds to the game : Rounds one and two , then a head to head , which is our favourite and gets intense! and then the last round . The last one standing wins the jackpot .

We made our own little ‘jackpot’ , which was quite funny , it  was a lay in the next morning - which we both was desperate to win :) . Let’s just say I was up at 6.30am with the kiddies ...

Pointless is suitable for ages 12+ and for 2-4 players . I think the age restriction is due to the questions being perhaps a little difficult for younger ones to answer . We are taking it to the girl’s uncles this weekend to play and they are 9 and 15.

We’ve really enjoyed reviewing pointless and I think it’s going to be a favourite for games night for a while for sure :)

- We were sent this game in exchange for an honest review

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