Thursday 21 February 2019


Taking photos is one of my favourite things to do. Especially having children. I love nothing more than to capture those special moments and look back on them.

Looking back to when I was a teenager I never really delved into  photography or shall I say had the opportunity to .Camera are expensive! and to be honest we didn’t really have that kind of money growing up. 

I can remember when I was in my early teens my uncle promised me that if went to the dentists and got my braces put in he would show me his dark room and how tto process photos. I was so excited to see this that I got my braces on no hesitation- I didn’t get to see the dark room, was totally conned !. I think I’ll mention that to him when he next comes around :)

My uncle has such a love for photography and cameras and has done from as early as I can remember  in my childhood . The dslr cameras and every kind of lens and accessory you could imagine . Kevin is very protective of his stuff so I didn’t get a look in but was always mesmerised!

When I started blogging and became self employed I knew I needed a good camera . I started out on my iPhone and it did the job at first but it doesn’t capture the moments like a camera does , and I know you can edit photos but what I love so much about camera photography is the rawness if it all.

I had researched so much about cameras and also did a min cause of the differences between the cameras - DSLR and digital as I also vlog for a living and didn’t fancy lugging round a big DSLR . Although some you can’t record on, so you can imagine the research that went into it.

I bought a few cheaper ones and had to send them back as one of them the sound quality wasn’t good and the other had a strange fuzzy look to the photos, it really was trail and error. The camera that I did want I just couldn’t afford .

The G7X . It was the craze and everyone had it . It was the perfect combo- great for photography and also for videos , everyone I knew was recommended it and I knew it would benefit me in the long ru .

I got on the internet and was searching for some kind of deal or code to get the price down and honestly searching the net for discounts is definitely the way to go .Latest deals have some brilliant discounts if your on the look it for a camera or maybe you want to upgrade your old one?

They have camera accessories and all sorts , I’d definitely have a browse if your on the look out for a bargain or for your perfect camera like I was :)

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