My girls are a little obsessed with stationary .I think they get it from me, I’ve always loved ones and rubbers and highlighters - I’ve had a diary for years and loved growing my stationary collection.

They were extremely excited to find the pretty pixel eraser maker has been sent to us to review . They really couldn’t wait to get their hands on them and also so them off to their friends at school! :)

So we set up the kitchen table and got all the contents out of the box which was :

  • The Eraser Maker
  • Strips of Eraser rubber
  • Clear Patterns
  • Predesigned Patterns
  • Clear strips 
  • Tweezers

First thing to do is pick your chosen design . There is quite a few in the set for you to pick from .You can make your own , but there are so many lovely designs to choose from, the girls picked one out of the pre designed patterns to start out with .

Pop it into your eraser maker and then start matching up the coloured squares to the strips of eraser rubber . This step can be a little tricky . You have tweezers in your set to use if you’d prefer them , but Kay didn’t like them, whilst Alessia thought they were great! :)

Once you have completed your design , add 5ml of water to your creation and close your eraser maker and stick it in the microwave for the required time and let the magic happen.

Once it’s finished in the microwave , be carful as it will be very hot .We then put it into a jug of cold water for ten minutes to set and cleared up while waiting . The girls said  it was the longest ten minutes of their lives - the anticipation! 

I did find it a little tricky to get out of the maker but I think that’s a good thing as you know it’s completely secured the eraser and there are no missing pieces .

Say cheese!!! The girls made a camera eraser , which looks so cool! . They have decided to make some more tomorrow to take into school for their best friends. We really enjoyed this set and I think it would make such a great present for any birthdays or for Christmas this year .

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review 


  1. What a cool kit. I would have loved this when I was a child! My niece would adore this, one for Christmas I think

  2. This looks like a brilliant craft kit for kids. Was it a bit fiddly?

  3. Oh that’s something a bit different isn’t it! And useful!

  4. This is a great craft kit. My kids would love it.

  5. What a different craft set! I've never come across anything like it before. My niece would love this as she loves creating things.

  6. Oh, wow! These look fab. I've got a couple of kids birthday's coming up and I know they would love something like this :)

    Louise x

  7. This looks like it would make a fab little gift for someone. such a super cool idea xx

  8. What a brilliant craft kit. Looks like lots of fun xx

  9. This is a great craft kit. Looks like it would make a nice gift. Will try and find a boyish one for my nephew

  10. Oh this looks like fun! My kids love erasers, they have a whole collection!


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