Monday 25 February 2019


Just like that - the half term is over . It has been such a lovely week with the girls and I love that I get to spend it all with them being self employed and working from home.

We’ve had a pretty chilled week to be honest . Nothing expensive and a lot of fresh air . The sun has been out all week!. We took a walk to our local nature valley , which we haven’t been there yet , and really enjoyed it . They also have a little museum and tea room which is super cute !.

We did get chased by the swans though - literally chased ! We were running out of the country park like crazy people, it was so funny and Nila was laughing her head off.

We’ve been out for tea , which we don’t do very often now as we are trying to be more mindful
Of our money and what we spend it on , but there is always a discount count to be had , so tea out was cheaper than it usually is :)

Nila had her first ice cream whilst feeding the ducks . She absolutely loved it and loved being the same as her big sister . She demolished the whole lot! She loves ducks and birds , they are her absolute favourite obsession, so we went to feed some at the park and she loved it .

Movie nights are a must for half term and we’ve watched some new films over this past week.As well  descipable me probably a hundred times - a firm favourite :)

The crafts have come out and Alessia has been in her element slime making . She is a little slime crazy and wanted the Elmira slime kit so I ordered it from amazon and it arrived just in time for the half term. She loves anything gloopy and slimy!.

It feels so much like spring already and we’ve loved it . The ice cream man is coming round now , so the girls got ice cream after tea , which if your new around here , we have recently moved and we never had an ice cream van at our last home so this was super exciting for the girlies .

We’ve been in the garden which is such a blessing as we couldn’t in our last home and I started clearing some of it up over the last few days ready for the summer . I can’t wait for bbqs and water fights! Spring is definitely in the air !

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