Wednesday 27 March 2019


One dinner I absolutely love is lasagne , especially homemade, you just can’t beat it can you? . It is one of my favourite things to order when we eat out too- lasagne salad and garlic bread, yum!

I have recreated a slimming world version which is absolutely delicious!. It is syn free if you are using your cheese as part of your healthy extra a.


250G of 5% beef mince
One cup of mushrooms
One cup of peppers- I use frozen
One white onion
One red onion
Tin of tomatoes
Mixed herbs
Salt pepper
Garlic granules or fresh clove
Worcestershire sauce
Lasagne sheets - dry
250G Quark
60G cheese - grated


Firstly brown off the mince in a pan. Whilst this is browning I will then cut up my veg and get that preperared . Chuck your veg into the pan and let that cook off for 5 minutes.

Then add all your herbs and seasonings. I don’t measure, but I would say I use a tablespoon of mixed herbs and oregano , a sprinkling of salt and pepper ,teaspoon of garlic granules or a fresh clove and good glung  of Worcester sauce :)

Give that a good stir for a few minutes then add your tomatoes , I use chopped but if you can’t get your hands on chopped, then plum will be fine just cut them up with some scissors :)

Add a good tablespoon of tomatoes purée , 250ml of water and let it simmer for 15 minutes .

Grate your cheese now . Do be careful  with already grated cheese as some have a coating on them which has to be synned. It’s safer to just grate it yourself :). Top tip for cheese, rate a whole block and put it in Tupperware So you don’t have to keep going back and fourth grating for every meal :)

Start layering your lasagne now . The dish size all depends on how big or thick you want your lasagne.Ive used some ones and big ones so it’s up to you.

Lasagne mix , quark , lasagne sheets and then a sprinkle of cheese . Do this until you run out of everything - don’t forget to save some cheese for the top !

Pop it in the oven for 25 minutes and bobs your uncle , tea is served :)

We normally have it with beans and salad or garlic bread . It’s entirely up to you. I’d love to know if you recreat this recipe and what you think !

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