Saturday 27 April 2019


Getting away as a family can sometimes be a challenge in itself . We try our hardest to try and get a mini break away together as we all need some quality family time.

With Scott working full time Monday to Friday and myself being self employed and working from home commitments can be full on , then there is looking after the little toddler and her playgroup sessions and then  the older two are at school.

So it’s only the half term breaks we can get away, it can be a challenge and also get quite expensive!

I am a bit of a budget queen and try my best to keep costs down and save where I can. Especially when children are involved, and we have three of the munchkins so it can get pretty expensive :)

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite tips for keeping to a budget when we go away and some of the things I do in order to keep the costs down.


We actually do this at the start of the year , every year. It can be any coins you wish. Maybe at the end of the day you pop in the jar your odd change in your purse - a few 20p’s or a couple of 10ps and a £2. It mounts up and you don’t notice that you are actually saving.

We did this one year and by the time we went away in the summer holidays . We had saved £300! It’s a great way to save in general, but for a little family holiday, it is perfect.


UK holidays are always cheaper if you go self catering in my eyes. We get to our destination, unpack and then head to the nearest supermarket to do the shopping for a week. Make a list of the meals for the duration of your stay. We always leave one day out for dinner out as a treat and one lunch out as a treat.

By doing it this way , you are eliminating the costly £1 packet of crisps when the ‘I’m hungry’ starts and your in the middle of the holiday club. You’ve got your bag packed and prepared with crisps and treats from  the food shop :)


beach holidays are perfect- especially if you have children. The sun shining and that calls for a day at the beach. Sandcastle building all day , a picnic lunch , made at the caravan , so no buying lunch out which can end up extremely pricey. An ice cream when the ice cream truck comes and I can guarantee you a perfect day out with little cost.

Sunlife have some really great tips on getting away with the family. From groupon vouchers to going off seasons. Their article is packed full of brilliant tips and tricks for a family holiday :)

I hope we have given you some inspiration and some help to save in them pennies when going away. I’d love to hear your holiday budgeting tips too!

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