Thursday 25 April 2019


if you have followed us for a while then you will know we are a little Obsessed with anything to do with dinosaurs and robots .

People quite often say that’s odd having three girls - but we think it’s pretty awesome!. So when we got offered the chance to review a robot that codes and draws like a pro! we could not wait!The girls were so excited to receive him and I knew already he would be a hit with the family .

When we first initially received little Artie , I thought he looked like a modernised version of the little guy off batteries not included. Has anyone else seen that film? An oldie but one of my absolute favourites!.

Also he is just so blinking cute and Nila kept on cuddling him . So we left her to it whilst we had a little read on how to get Artie up and running.

He requires 4 xAA batteries which aren’t included , but if you have children I’m sure you have a drawer like us full of all sorts of batteries :) He comes with four coloured washable pens and 3 lesson guides which are easy, medium and hard.

So what is Artie 3000 ?

Artie is a drawing robot designed for children ages 7* who teaches kids how to code . He comes programmed with a number of designs - numbers , shapes , games .You  can also design the drawings or designs and then transfer them for Artie to copy . Sounds so cool right? .

He can connect to laptops and tablets . Alessia was a little disappointed she couldn’t connect him to the mobile phone , but I’m sure that will come in the future :)

We popped some batteries in him and switched him on. Then we searched for Artie through  the wi fi connectetions and clicked on him and we was connected.

Then we had to open up our chrome browser and type in the site that opens up the Artie User Interface. Now to give him some instructions and let the girls go wild !

The girls love him! And we have spent all day being silly with him and doing all sorts of designs. I think his absolutely brilliant and would make such a cool gift!

-We were gifted Archie in exchange for an honest review 

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