Wednesday 1 May 2019


One place both the older girls love is the Monkey Forest in Trentham, Stoke On Trent . We only live half an hour drive away and have visited many times .

We’ve never taken Nila , and now she is walking and really into animals , we thought it would be a lovely day .I packed up a picnic as being a family of five , it can get costly . So I like to pack a picnic and then maybe get a treat from the cafe - the muffins are amazing!.

We arrived just before lunch so headed straight to the monkeys as they normally do talks and feeding around lunchtime and we didn’t want to miss it . Nila was I absolute awe of the monkeys and kept blowing them kisses which was so cute.

She was really good and walked round the whole way holding our hand. The monkey forest has a few different types of monkeys and what we really enjoy is the questions and informations stands that are scattered around the forest.

I did get quite a few right , considering we’ve been here before you’d think so wouldn’t you :) .

We also saw a few of the monkey’s friends- leggy, a one legged duck we named him leggy because we are so cool like that :) ,a pheasant and also some squirrels. It’s lovely to see them just getting on with the day and the moneys really aren’t fazed or bothered by any of them.

We watched the feeding time and also got to have a little talk to one of the staff that are on hand- there are quite a few members of the team around the forest , which is really nice. They are super friendly and answer any questions you have .

Nila’s little legs did get a bit tired on the walk out so daddy pooped her on his shoulders and we headed to get some lunch.

We picked up some muffins and a hot drink, and ate our picnic by the play area. There are two play areas at monkey forest so there is plenty of extra play - including a bouncy trampoline that Nila was eager to get her hands on.

We also did the Easter trail with the questionnaire before we left - which we actually did the last time we was here :)

We had a lovely day and all three girls are absolutely shattered . Thanks for having us Monkey Forest!

-We were gifted entry for an honest review , all opinions are 100% our own

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