Monday 27 May 2019


We have been to Blackpool a few times with the kiddies but I’ve got to admit , we haven’t ever been to Coral island. I think Blackpool seafront is so big there is so much to do and also so much to miss.

We were kindly invited down to Coral island for the day to test out the rides and games and have a family day out . The girls were super excited and we couldn’t wait to get there as we haven’t had a day out together for ages.

On arrival It was packed , you can tell it’s a very popular place. There is so much to do . We headed straight for the prize bingo- it’s definitely a favourite of ours . The girls won straight away and then Mezz. They chose some sweets and a puzzle for Nila with their winnings which was lovely .We also got offered a drink in there which was really nice of the staff.

They have two main rides in Coral island - the ghost train and the pirate flyer. I’ve got to admit . After going on the ghost train the first time , that was it for me. It was a very good ghost ride and even the girls were scared and normally they say ghost trains are boring.

Nila loved the pirate flyer- there are two plastic guns at the front of the ship that you can use to shoot down at the people. She loved it and even saw daddy which she was so excited about.

We decided to go and get some lunch before spending the rest of our pennies. The Buccaneer is a family restaurant situated inside Coral island. It’s completely pirate themed and Alessia loved it, as their pirate came to see us and gave the girls some chocolate coins!.

We ordered a starter to share which was a mixture of everything - the younger  girls had sausage and mash - which is their favourite , Mezz and Kay had steak and I had the lamb Henry which was absolutely delicious!.

We ended with some desserts and Alessia tried her luck with the sharing sundae. That had chocolates , ice cream and whipped cream in , topped with wafers: she was completely stuffed! :)

Nila found iggle piggle so she spent some of her pennies on a few of the younger rides whilst the older two went to win some more tickets on the 2p drops. They got quite a few tickets and ended up with slime and more sweets!

We ended the day with camel derby- I’ve never played it before but it gets the adrenaline going! , if you are not  familiar with the game , you have to roll balls into holes in order to move your camel to the finishing line.

I was on a roll and won three times! Beginners luck you might say but I loved it , the girls won too and we chose some teddies and I got myself a Wonder Woman :)

We had a lovely day and was absolutely knackered by the end of it . Thank you for having us Coral Island.

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