Saturday 25 May 2019


I have always been a little bit different when it comes to my dresss sense. I have never followed the trend because it is ‘in fashion’ or not worn something because it’s ‘out of season’ , I’ve always bought what I wanted to regardless of whether it’s in or not .

That being said since having my girls I have become a little hidden in my self and it has become harder to be me and express myself through my wardrobe and make up.  

Yesterday I was invited to a beauty event hosted by Samsung called ‘Face your make up fears’ , it was run by a gorgeous fashion and beauty expert called Sammi Jefcoate and I was actually really looking forward to it and also a little nervous.

We were greeted with drinks and some nibbles and sat down at the most beautiful spotlighted dressing tables- I must admit , I did want to take the mirror  home, it was gorgeous! It’s on my wish list for sure now :)

Sammi gave us a little talk about what ‘face your make up fears’ really meant and it was a big eye opener for me. I’ve always felt like being a bit more eccentric just wasn’t the thing and maybe to tone it down.

Having three children and being a mum kinda makes you feel a bit like anyway but Sammi had some wise words- being in her thirties ,as am i , and also a mother , she is very relatable and her fashion and make up sense is incredible and she is definitely unique.

She told us that make up is a form of expression and it’s who you are . You only live once so be happy whilst living. Wear what you want to wear and feel comfortable with that and comfortable in your own skin. Times have changed now, and we are all unique individuals.

It was a lovely talk and it really has helped me  not to doubt if I ‘should’ wear the red lipstick or the baggy jeans :)

We got experimenting with some lovely make up goodies that we were lucky enough to take home - the Dior highlighter pallet has to be my favourite and the red lip changed my make up look completely.

We spent the rest of the evening taking selfies and capturing some amazing high quality photos on the new Samsung Galaxy S10- I’ve got to say I have never had a Samsung phone before but I was pleasantly surprised.

The camera quality is up there with my actual camera - so sharp and clear. We got to take the SD card away with us too! I had a really lovely evening and got to meet some of the local bloggers too!

Thank you to Samsung for having me :) 

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