Thursday 23 May 2019


Fathers day is fast approaching and I know the girls are eager to get the craft cupboard out and make daddy some gifts- I definitely know paint will be involved ! :) We’ve also picked up some really cool
gifts  too.

In our family we not only have daddy but Mezz is actually Kadiann’s stepdad and came into our lives when she was four years old and has been raising her like she was his own since then.

So whether you have a dad or stepdad or just someone you look upto and want to let them know this father’s day then I have some really cool gifts and gadgets in this gift guide that might catch your eye and give you a little inspiration when it comes to the perfect gift!.

First up is beer!. I don’t know what it is about the girls , they must think Daddy loves his drink as they always say we should get him beer! :)  Best of British beer is actually a local business to us that specialises in rounding up the best independent breweries in  the country and bringing them to us in cool gift packs.

I know Mezz is going to absolutely love this gift set. The gift packs start from 4 bottles and range in so many different sizes and prices. They also do a monthly beer club subscription where each month you get sent beer and tasting notes along with a pub quiz!. Also with your first order you get a branded beer glass- I think this is going to be on someone’s Christmas list!

Another one from the girls - Alessia mainly . Sweets. I’m sure they just want to pinch dads. Jelly Belly have launched  a new DC range which look perfect for father’s day. The Batman and superman ones would be a perfect little addition to pop in your father’s day card :)

Cards are one of our favourite things to do for any occasions . We can spend hours searching for the best picture or with the younger ones getting as much paint on their creations from the craft cupboard.

These cards from Love Layla Designs are brilliant . They have humour , fun and quirky cards for whoever is filling the role of ‘dad’ this father’s day. The girls picked these ones out and they are actually perfect and 100% accurate! :) 

I’f like us you love the outdoors and love walking , then this might be a great gift for you. Zippo have launched a new device : heatbank. Not only does it charge your device but it also keeps your hands toasty warm- brilliant isn’t it! They come in different colours and shapes and battery time but they are all super affordable and are totally cool if you ask our teenager!

I know when I had the girls , mother’s day came around and I got some lovely baby hamper sets. Full with baby bath and nappies , I’m sure you’ve all had one . I thought maybe a set for a first time dad would be something different . The Johnson’s bathtime gift set would be a lovely little set that has everything you need for bathtime fun - it even has a puzzle too :)

BBQ season is just around the corner and we love them!. I tend to cook them as dad always worries he hasn’t cooked the meat properly . I’m sure it’s just his way of getting out of it ! Not anymore ... the Meater+ Is the ultimate BBQ gadget. 

It is the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. Connect it to any smartphone or tablet and never undercook or even over cook  your meat!. Perfect for anyone who loves a BBQ.

-These items were gifted in exchange for a feature in this article 

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