Tuesday 21 May 2019


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Getting by on a successful budget isn't always easy. These days, it seems like we all have so many bills to pay, and our wages can only stretch so far. Even if you've carefully budgeted all of your cash down to the last penny, there are always unexpected things that can pop up and throw you off track. 

. You want to be there to support your friends and loved ones on your big day, but the cost of travel, gifts, drinks
, and outfits can be astronomical.
How do you handle this celebratory time of year?
1. Re-Assess your Budget
First, think about how much money you generally have left to spend each month when you're finished paying all of your bills. If the answer is "not much", then you might need to dive deeper into your budget. Could you consider cutting the costs of your debt repayments by comparing the cost of a refinancing loan online? Sometimes, a personal loan, even if you have bad credit , can be much cheaper than a credit card loan in the long term. Paying off your credit card debts this way could give you more cash to play with. 
Other ways to cut costs include reducing the amount you spend on your utilities by switching providers or seeing whether you can save money on your insurance costs. A little comparison shopping can go a long way. 
2. Be Picky with the Invitations you Accept
If you have a large family or a wide circle of friends, you might need to be more selective about the weddings you choose to go to. Although it's always nice to be invited to someone's special day, you're probably not going to be a disappointment if you decline an invite from your second cousin's secondary-school friend. 
Consider how close your relationship is with the bride and groom, and only attend if you're a significant part of their life. If you want to show your well wishes without attending, you can always send a congratulations card. Some people even send a small gift along with their "I can't attend" response. This is usually a lot cheaper than actually going to the wedding. 
3. Approach Travel Wisely
There's a chance that you might need to travel to attend some of the weddings that you're invited to. While a few hours driving across the country might not be a big deal, the chances are that you won't be able to afford a dozen destination weddings all happening in the same month. Draw a line in the sand and tell people that you can only attend local weddings or decide how far you're willing to go. 
For your closest friends and family members - the people whose weddings you absolutely have to attend, look for ways to cut costs by hiring an Airbnb room, or using the airline miles you've collected on your credit card. Additionally, look for deals on group travel that you can share with friends. 
4. Get Creative with Gifts
Depending on how well you know the bride or groom, you might be able to avoid getting them a gift entirely. Remember, you're not obliged to give anything at a wedding - and for most people, your presence and a card should be more than enough.
If you do feel that you need to give something to the newlywed couple, then you could ask your friends and family to join in with you on a joint gift. By combining your money with other gifts, you might be able to contribute to a more significant big-ticket item. Contact the friends and family you want to join forces with plenty of time before the wedding, so they won't have already purchased something by the time you get in touch. 
5. Don't Buy a New Outfit Every time
It's essential to look smart when you go to a wedding. You don't want to be the only person who turns up in jeans and a t-shirt. However, that doesn't mean you should be buying a new suit or an expensive dress every time you're invited somewhere. If you can, select a handful of outfits - maybe 2 or 3 that you can use and recycle for each of the weddings you go to.
If you go to a wedding wearing one outfit, then attend another with entirely different people wearing the same clothes, nobody is going to notice. The chances are that the only evidence of your frugality will be on social media when people upload the wedding pictures. 

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