Monday 8 July 2019


We were due to go Glebe farm for Nila’s birthday last weekend but plans changed and it was actually closed by the time we would have got there so we said to the girls we would take them on Sunday.

The weather has been so lovely and a trip to the local farm is definitely up our street. It’s only 45 minutes from us, free to enter and it’s a lovely little place to spend the afternoon.

We headed straight to the play area as the girls love it there . It’s actually Nila’s first time here , we’ve been with the older two quite a few times, but Nila’s visit was her first and she loved the play area.

We don’t normally stay for lunch but we decided to treat ourself and have lunch out - Nila is obsessed with wraps at the minute and demolished her ham wrap with berries , Alessia enjoyed her chicken goujons and chips and my tuna and red onion sandwich on freshly made bread was absolutely delicious!

Mezz enjoyed his lamb wrap - although he did say the portion size wasn’t great for the price but I guess with free entry places they have to make costs up else where don’t they :)

We had ice cream for dessert and sat outside soaking up all the sun - it was lovely .

We went and saw the piggies and Nila was a little juniors when they were oinking which is funny as she always oinks at home when peppa pig is on.

We saw the llamas and the sheep and the ducks and the birds . The girls had free way of just running around and exploring .

We did want to go on the tracker ride but we couldn’t seem to find it , but will definitely go on it let time .

We had a lovely afternoon and was back home I. Time for a movie on the sofa and a chicken roast dinner :)

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