Saturday 6 July 2019


I am sure you already know we are huge sylvanian family lovers, and if you didn’t know then where have you been! :)

One thing I love about them is they bring such creative play to the home and they really let children use their imagination. Plus the families are super cute too!.

We’ve been lucky enough to be sent the Sylvanian families tree house which Nila has had her eye on since seeing it on an advert. She is a little bit obsessed with tree houses at the minute and this one was definitely calling out to her!

This treehouse was built by the fathers of the village at the top of the hill by the seaside

The treehouse was super easy to put together- which I find most of the Sylvanian stuff is actually :)

It comes with a tree that is great for your Sylvanians to climb!. The Wendy house sits on the top of it . We have a slide , that can be attached either side of the treehouse and a really cool tree swing too.

It also comes with detachable ladders for your little Sylvanians to climb up and down on and the den underneath is the perfect place to hide out or play hide and seek in.

The girls love to put the bigger Sylvanians at the top of the tree- almost like a little hide out . They are safe there and can also keep an eye out for any intruders - apparently :)

I think the treehouse is a great piece to add to any collection or the perfect starter set. It has so many little nooks  and crannies to explore and the girls have endless hours of play with it .

-We were gifted this product in exchange for an honest review

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