Friday 26 July 2019


So as you will probably know if you are a regular reader, Mezz and I never go out . Alone. Date nights are pretty much non existent and we keep saying it’ll change but you know what life is like , especially with children .

Work and housework and school runs - time for yourself and as a couple seem to end up on the list right at the bottom.

We ended up having such a great date night tonight and have said we are going to make sure we have one every month as it really does make you appreciate each other and the quality time.

So we’ve said each date night we take it in turns to decide what to do and where to go for dinner. Tonight was my night to choose and OMG I was in desperate need of a nandos!. We haven’t been in SO long and it’s right next door to the cinema ,and I wanted to see the new Annabel ,so we headed nandos for dinner.

We had hummus and pita bread and also the hallumi sticks with sweet chilli jam for starters - the hallumi was amazing! And the jam was so good! I could of eaten the starters again!

For main I had the chicken thighs , peri  salted chips and coleslaw . It was lovely - we chatted about non kiddie stuff , we had a gossip and really enjoyed each other’s company .

We nipped to Tesco before hand to get some snacks as honestly , cinema treats are an absolute fortune so we got some popcorn and chocolates and headed to cineworld

I won’t spoil the film in case you haven’t seen it but it is definitely a jumper - Mezz jumped about 5 times and I’ll admit I had my eyes closed at one point :)

It’s been lovely tonight and I almost feel rejuvenated having some time away from the girls - does that sound bad or make sense?- I can’t wait for next months date night :)

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