Wednesday 24 July 2019


The weather is absolutely glorious at the minute and the heatwave we are having just keeps getting better. Definitely pool weather! :)

We’ve had a big swimming pool for the last 3 years but the house we moved into before this one - the garden wasn’t useable and we couldn’t even go out in it .

When we moved into the house we are in now - the garden was one of our priorities - having three children / a garden is definitely needed and we have missed one for the last three summers.

Operation get the pool up was in order. It did come with its obstacles. We bought a hose to fill it but it didn’t come with a mixer tap adapter- so after over an hour of trying to connect it to the tap , kay sellotaped it to the tap so it would stay and wouldn’t leak and I must admit she did a pretty good job!!

It did take 7 hours to fill though - but we got there in the end and the pool is finally up.

The girls have had the best day in it today - swimming and splashing and trying to soak mama :) our garden is definitely coming together - we have the trampoline, the tuff tray, sandpit and now the swimming pool all set up for the summer holidays.

The girls stayed in the pool until tea time and moaned when they had to come out . We’ve popped a cover over it so it’ll last for the whole of the summer and also put a little solution in it to keep the water fresh.

I know for sure when the girls wake up in the morning they’ll want to go in it first thing!

I am so glad we persevered and got it up.

I might even go in it with them tomorrow :)

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