Monday 22 July 2019


Today my Lessie bug has turned 10- I actually can not  believe we are in double digits with this one .It seems so unreal that she is turning into a little lady.

Alessia was always going to be our last child - so she was always the baby to everyone , and I will hold my hands up and admit I did baby her , I think we all do with our last. Then Nila came along and it was like wow our baby isn’t the baby anymore .

Now she’s putting her lip gloss on before we go out and playing on the PS4 with her mates .

We’ve had a pretty relaxed day to be fair . I knew she would want to stay in once she opened her presents . Slime galore and Kadiann and Alessia must of made about 5 different slimes this morning . My kids are obsessed with the stuff.

It’s safe to say Alessia has now added all sorts to her slime making ingredients stash! We also nipped out quickly to pick up some contact lens solution and baking powder - it makes slime activater- and it does a blinking good job too!

We set up her LOL dolls house that she re arranged and played role play in for hours . I know this present is going to be loved for years and then passed down onto Nila .

We got jumanji out and made the most of Nila’s nap time :)

Alessia wanted to go to bon pan for her birthday meal, which is an all you can eat restaurant. It has everything- Chinese , Indian, pizza, sushi, fruit , cake - the works!

We also got the staff to come out with her cake and sing happy birthday which I could tell from her face she was so happy and just felt so special you know?

We’ve ended the day with cake and a late night watching tv - it is her birthday after all.

Happy Birthday Lessie bug Xx

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