Sunday 14 July 2019


One thing I try to do is make time for the girls on their own. Having three children is busy- it goes without saying but one on one time with them individually is something I try to do as much as I can .

We haven’t taken Alessia out on her own  for what it seems like forever!. I knew Aladdin was still at the cinema and we were eager to watch it so me , Mezz and Alessia got ready and headed into town to watch it .

She was super excited and surprised we were going without her sisters - that just proved to me how long it has been , you know.

She chose a tango ice blast and a pick a mix- her absolute favourite and go to when we come to the cinema. The film was on for over 2 hours and I have got to say it was absolutely brilliant, definitely 10/10!.

We had heard some bad reviews on it but it was just like the original and yes we did have a sing along to the songs :)

We headed into town to have a little look around to . We stopped off at Smiggle to have a look at the bags and pencil cases ready for September . My Lessie is slightly obsessed with Smiggle so I did have to pry her away after a while!

We went to subway for lunch and sat in and just enjoyed each other’s company . It’s not long before Lessie turns 10- double digits as she keeps telling us so daddy took her back to the car while I grabbed a few things that we needed for her birthday.

We have had a lovely day and we’ve really enjoyed treating her . Back home for a cup of tea and to see the other girlies .

I’d love to know how you divide your time if you have more than one little one and things you do to make sure they all get some quality time on their own .

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