Friday 12 July 2019


Yay for Friday- only one more week and then the summer holidays begin, I don’t know about you but I am so looking forward to them!

Alessia has been off school today so we’ve had a lovely and very impromptu Friday :)

I was due to go into town to do some shopping but my hay fever is absolutely awful and I didn’t dare step foot outside.

We had a morning of colouring and stickers and the girls wanted to make some cupcakes for after dinner , so I had a look in the cupboards and we actually had a ready made fairy cake mix- these things  are a god send aren’t they?

I’m all for cooking from scratch and 99% of our meals are home cooked from scratch but sometimes in life you just need a ready made cupcake mixture don’t you agree? :)

Nila is at the stage where she wants to do everything herself - very independent, but I must admit they worked really well as a team and Alessia was awesome with reading the instructions on the box.

She still gets nervous when cracking eggs but I think we all do! :)

Nila went down for a nap and we decided to decorate them and spend some one on one time with each other . Having three children can be challenging when it comes to quality time with them individually so I make the most of them moments where I can.

The cupcakes turned out great and they were delicious. I think I’ll stock up on these ready made packets for the 6 weeks holiday :)

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