Saturday 31 August 2019


When it comes to kids we all know how expensive they can be - especially if you have more than one!. It seems never ending doesn’t it - school uniforms , birthdays , Easter. I am sure every month of the year there is something that needs to be bought for !.

We are actually going to Spain soon- 6 weeks and counting . The last family holiday abroad was  to Turkey , and that was over 5 years now and this holiday was an out of the blue plan and I can not tell you how excited we all are.

We’ve sorted out all our passports - if you have followed us for a while then you will know they  were stolen out of our car, luck is never on our side with these things, but the passports are done and now it’s the dreaded task of buying new clothes for us all.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good shopping spree and being a mother of three daughters , you can imagine how much fun we do have when we go out and shop, but let me tell you, it can get really expensive.

I do have some tips and tricks up my sleeve when it comes to shopping and I thought I’d share them with you , to perhaps give you some inspiration or help when it comes to shopping for more than one! :)

Write a list
I can not tell you the amount of times I have bought something but the kids haven’t needed it. So I ended up with a wardrobe full of Tshirts and no bottoms- I’ve done this so many times so before you go out , have a look through the wardrobe and actually see what you are in need of.

Shop Online
Kids can become a distraction if you are out shopping. ‘Can I have this’ , and anything  else they can find . Before you know it , you end up with a basket full of stuff that no one needs or will ever wear. Pop the kettle on and enjoy a few hours browsing through the internet for some bargains. Love the sales have some gorgeous baby clothes for little Nila and they are super cheap!.

Check out the charity shops
This one might be a little controversial but charity shops are like a gold mine!. I have had some really lovely stuff from our local DougieMac for the kids. Brand new skinny jeans from H&M with the tags still on for £1 , originally £7.99. You’d be surprised what stuff people give away to charity shops, go on have a nosey :)

I hope these little tips and tricks have helped you out if your on the hunt for some bits for your little ones . Do let me know if you find any bargains on your hunt :)

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