While we were out the other day , Nila and I collected up some of the fallen leaves for some crafting. We seem to have a routine of doing some sort of craft activity in the morning after breakfast.

I quite enjoy it actually and also gives me a chance to drink my coffee reasonably warm too :)

We’ve opted for some painting today- if Nila has her way then it’s painting and glue. She loves glue - especially at playgroup!

I thought we could try some leaf painting as the older two absolutely loved doing this when they were younger and I think it’s great for their concentration skills.

I used two paper plates and popped some autumn colours on each of them, and let Nila take the lead. She was trying to copy me , which was really cute , so I showed her how to paint the leaves and then stick them to the paper to make a stamper.

She loved it and kept saying ‘wow’ :) . We had the trolls soundtrack on and we both had a cup of tea and spent well over an hour making some gorgeous Autimnal creations.

We spoke about the different colours of the leaves and the texture , how they were crunchy and made a noise.

Nila ended up using the paint as glue and stuck some of the leaves onto her masterpiece and was so proud of it .

I think next time we go out I’ll be on the hunt for some conkers- I wonder what we could make with them :)


  1. I remember doing this myself as a child, I must admit I am not a craft mam and never do stuff like this with my kids - I really should. It looks like she had great fun

  2. My kids are a bit older but enjoy leaf rubbing :)

  3. Definitely have some amazing colours on here and a good idea to keep one little first happily


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